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When choosing a primary care physician, certain criteria are very important. Selecting a physician that will both meet your medical needs and be able to maintain a comfortable and trusting relationship with you can be an overwhelming process.

You will want to learn about the background of your physician as well as find out about their board certifications, their specialties, and their special interests. You will also need to determine if a Family Care physician or an Internal Medicine physician would be the right choice for you.

Internal Medicine physicians are best suited for patients with special medical conditions, longterm conditions or the elderly. Family Care physicians offer a more general care treatment.

To help you choose a Cassidy physician, we have provided some short informative biographies for each of the physicians. The Cassidy Physician directory includes biographies that cover educational background, professional experience, specialty certifications, special recognitions or achievements and some personal interests. This directory will start you on your way to finding a physician that is just right for you!

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