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Cassidy Medical Group was founded in 1947 by two dedicated physicians who desired to serve their community. The core of their foundation was based not solely on their skilled profession, but on their desire, dedication, compassion, and high-quality health care to their patients. This philosophy has been carried throughout Cassidy Medical Group for over 50 years.

Cassidy Medical Group is comprised of Physicians and Allied Health Personnel. There are 16 physicians specializing in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology; healthcare for all generations.

Cassidy Medical Group participates with most HMOs and PPOs, accepts Medicare and Tricare, and provides a wide range of services with locations in Vista and Carlsbad.

Cassidy's goal is to deliver the highest quality medical care efficiently and compassionately and to service all of our customers, be they patients, doctors, community physicians, hospitals and/or our peers in attaining that goal.



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